Wall Scanner UT387B

✓The instrument has CE certificate

Wall scanner UT387B is a compact and easy to use instrument for detection of metal, wood and live cables in the walls, floors and ceilings. The instrument can be switched into the silent mode with vibro indication. Alkaline nine-volt battery is used as a power supply.
Use: repair works, network maintenance
Additional features: 3 operating modes, visual and sound indication, silent mode with vibration


Parameter Value
Maximum detection depth of Ferrous metals (iron pipes with the minimum diameter of 3 cm) Non-ferrous metal (aluminum with the minimal volume of 30*2*2 cm) Live cables Wood (minimal volume of 20*16*4 cm) 80mm80mm
Working temperature 0 …40°C
Storage temperature -10 … 50°C
Temperature for guaranteed accuracy of instrument operation 18 … 28°C
Humidity >75%
Altitude <2000m
Pollution degree(IEC 60664-1) 2
Time before auto shut down 5min
Battery 9V (6LR61)alkaline battery
Minimum working voltage of the battery about7.2V
Price: 63.55 EUR
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH