About the company

Our company have start to operate at 2010. We specialised in the distribution, import and export of measuring tools and instruments.

Our company is an official sales repesantative of famous manufacturers:

  • UNI-T (Uni-Trend Technology)
  • Seba KMT (Megger Group)
  • TESA (Hezagon Metrology)

Our company offers the following products:

  • electrical measuring instruments (multimeters, clamp multimeters, panel meters)
  • radio measuring devices (oscilloscopes, power supplies, generators, voltmeters)
  • equipment for measuring electric-physical parameters (megohmmeters, ground resistance meters, ohmmeters etc.)
  • temperature measuring devices (infrared thermometers)
  • cable detection devices (cable locating equipment, cable length measuring devices)
  • high voltage test equipment
  • measuring tools (calipers, micrometers, bore gauges, protractors, angles ect.)
  • professional portable rechargeable flashlights.

Trade and industrial companies from Lithuania, Belarus and Russia are our customers.

We invite customers and commercial organizations to cooperate!