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254.10 EUR
Professional measuring instrument with 4 ¾ LCD screen. The instrument is equipped with modern data processing system allowing to conduct measurement with high level of accuracy.
461.01 EUR
Multipurpose instrument with all general measurement functions. The instrument can store all the measurements and transfer data to the PC via RS232 and USB ports.
3 1/2 multimeter with manual range switch. Modern construction with large LCD screen, wiring diagram, full overload protection and unique design.
Reliable modern 3 1/2 digit measuring instrument. The multimetr has built-in ADC with double integration and overload protection.
3999 digits and 3 3/4 screen, adapted to control the shape of signal and being used as a multimeter.
5.45 EUR
A fully functional measuring tool that allows accurate measurement of electric parameters.
9.68 EUR
A portable safe to use instrument capable of highly accurate measurement of electrical parameters.
13.43 EUR
A handheld multifunctional instrument with high level of reliability. The instrument is supplied with multifunctional connector for the diagnostics of SMD printed circuits.
16.94 EUR
Modern reliable lightweight measuring instrument with 3 3/4 display.
19.97 EUR
Reliable measuring instrument with modern design and 3 1/4 display. The multimeter has an integrate ADC and full overload protection.
24.93 EUR
Reliable and qualitative portable instrument for measurement of electric parameters.
30.98 EUR
Reliable modern instrument with 3 ½ digit display. The instrument is equipped with built-in ADC and full overload protection.
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