Digital Multimeter ZEN-MM31-12

✓The instrument has CE certificate

Digital multimeter ZEN-MM31-12 is a high class modern multifunctional multimeter with 20000 digits 4 1/2 display and automatic range selection. The instrument is designed at a modern technological level and provides high reliability and safety.
Use: an instrument for equipment maintenance.
Measurement capability: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC, resistance, capacity, frequency, temperature, diode and continuity test, relative value measurement, true RMS AC, «AC+DC» impulse, 4~20 мА loop.
Advantage: software for communication with PC. Additional features: low battery indicator, blacklight, data hold, auto shut down and overload protection.
Size: 177 x 85 x 40 mm.
Weight: about 340 g (including battery).


Parameter Range Accuracy
DC voltage 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V ±(0.05%+5
AC voltage 2V/20V/200V/1000V ±(0.6%+40)
Bandwidth 100kHz
DC current 200μA/2000μA/20mA/200mA/10A ±(0.15%+20)
AC current 200μA/2000μA/20mA/200mA/10A ±(0.8%+15)
Resistance 200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ/20MΩ ±(0.4%+20)
Capacity 20nF/200nF/2μF/20μF/200μF/2mF/20mF ±(1.2%+20)
Temperature -40°C ~ 1000°C ±(1%+30)
Frequency 20Hz/200Hz/2kHz/20kHz/200kHz/2MHz/20MHz/200MHz ±(0.1%+15)
Duty cycle 10%~90% ±(1%+30)
Special operating modes
Auto range
Current measurement signal
Function setting
Measuring AC voltage and current
taking into account the direct current component (AC + DC)
Data storage
Diode test
Continuity test
True RMS (<100kHz)
Peak value
Relative values mode
Data hold
Double blacklight
Full screen
Sleep mode
Low battery indicator
Analog graphic scale
Max.Displayed value 20000
Input impedance for voltage measurement
for 200 В 2.5GΩ
For other ranges 10MΩ
Price: 143.99 EUR
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH