Digital Oscilloscope UTB-TREND 722-200-7

✓The instrument has CE certificate

Digital 2-channel oscilloscope UTB-TREND 722-200-7 is a modern instrument with the bandwidth of 200 MHz, the sampling rate of 1 GS/s and the rise time of 1.8 ns. The oscilloscope has both high technical characteristics and affordable price.
Use: radio electronics, machine building, vehicle diagnostics, instrument-making, manufacture and maintenance of commutation equipment, research and testing laboratories
Features: convenient operating panel, automatic setting, oscillogrames in bmp format, large LCD display for easy work, internal memory and built-in USB port for communication with external devices, measurement of 28 parameter of waveform in automatic mode, 5 start modes. 


Bandwidth 200MHz
Sampling rate 1GS/s
Rise time ≤ 1,8ns
Memory depth 16k
Oscillogrames capture rate ≥ 150 000oscillogrames per second
Coefficient of variation 2mV/div— 5V/div
Scan range 2ns/div— 50s/div
Waveform interpolation Sin(x)/x
Memory Settings, oscillogrames, oscillogrames in Bitmap format and CSV format
Start modes (synchronization) edge, impulse, video signal, decline
Math operations +, -, ×, ÷,FFT
Interfaces USB-device, USB-Host, Pass/Fail
Display 7 inches 64K color TFT LCD, resolution (800×480) pixel
Power source 100-240V, 45-440Hz
Color White and gray
Weight 2,9kg(excluding package)
Size 330 x 155 x 130mm
Standard accessories Probe (switchable 1х,10х)х2, USB cable, power cable, software
Price: 798.60 EUR
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH