New UNI-T instruments!

The leader of the Asian market of metrology equipment, the Uni-Trend company extends the range of its products with non-destructive testing instruments.

Portable digital vibrometer UT315

  • The given instrument is designed to measure vibration, velocity and discretion of mechanisms, e.g. meachanisms with rotating or reciprocating parts.
  • Measurements conducted with the vibrometer are used in energetics, metallurgy machine-building.
  • The device is equiped with a magnetic mount that seriously simplifies the process of measurement.
  • The data can be stored in the memory of the device.

Digital tachometer UT371

  • The instrument rotation in the range of 10 ro 99999 rpm.
  • Another function of the instrument is to count objects and impulses in its sight.
  • The instrument can be mounted on a tripod.

Digital thickness gauge UT371

  • A portable instrument for measuring the thickness gauge on a metal surface.
  • Can be used either on magnetic or non-magnetic surface.
  • Can be used either on magnetic or non-magnetic surface. The device is supplied with two metal calibration plates and one standard plastic plate.

The instruments have 1 year varanty term.
We'd like to remind you that UAB Tikslus Servisas is the only official dealer of Uni-Trend Technology (China) Limited in Lithuania.